How Mimirium helps for bettering the infrastructure of the 3rd largest city in Bulgaria

Everyday life of disabled people in our society is full of challenges in order to function as normal members of the community. One of the main pains for the disabled is public infrastructure. It is difficult to access specific areas and buildings, because of the lack of well thought out infrastructure.

That’s why we at Mimirium decided to design a solution for bettering the infrastructure of the 3rd largest city in Bulgaria — Varna. Varna is the Sea Capital of Bulgaria and the population grows to 750.000 people in the active season. Through the last several years a lot of improvements were made in the city’s infrastructure, but even in a big city like Varna we still see every day how disabled people face a lot of challenges while moving through the city.

Our team began thinking about how we can measure these difficulties. We needed quantification in order to identify and analyze the problems. In order to solve the accessibility problem, we needed first to gather data which shows which are the hot spots and bottlenecks in the city.

That’s why decided to create an application which monitors the movement of different groups of users with different disabilities and compare them with the movement of a control group of users without disabilities.

Then we can identify the problem areas as well as the movement patterns for each group and compare the differences. Once the models are created, personalized polls will be sent to individual users to gather detailed information about the issues people are experiencing at the detected problem areas.

Information is collected by GPS and additional installed beacons at the crucial points in the city.

But who would sacrifice their own privacy and allow to be tracked for the sake of a greater good?

That’s where we at Mimirium specialize. Our experienced team utilizes modern technologies to achieve complete anonymization of all participators. We achieve this by storing the gathered data locally in an encrypted model on users’ devices. The transmission to the system happens only after anonymization and aggregation of the information take place — so only processed information is provided by the users in the group. Everyone remains anonymous and the privacy is fully protected.

Our system uses innovative cryptographic practices and blockchain to fully guarantee the security of personal data.

It also allows users involved in the project to receive payments for the data they have generated.

So, would you participate if you knew that:

  • you are helping for the greater good — better society, better infrastructure
  • you are totally anonymous by helping
  • you are rewarded with money for helping

It’s a win-win situation.

Whats the project goal?

The project is a cooperation between Mimirium and Varna LimitlessThe goal is to make something good for the community and to develop better local facilities and services. By utilizing this project we will help to build a more active and involved local community through bringing them in the project as a control focus group that will be used as a measurement of the other groups’ problems in moving throughout the city. And last, but not least, we build a knowledge network within the business community that will help all companies to understand a better part of their customers and their specific needs.

How will we achieve it?

Our team has the technological expertise and we have established a connection with local communities of the disabled people and with Varna Municipality. We will involve the local branch of the Union of the Blind People in Bulgaria, the local branch of the Union of Deaf People in Bulgaria, the local branch of the Union of Disabled People in Bulgaria. We hope that with their support and involvement we will be able to gather enough users that can provide a stable focus group to form sustainable patterns and models.

The result

Through gathering this information, the results will be to understand in details the problems that different members of the community experience when moving through the city. This will help in making the necessary adjustments to the infrastructure and to develop innovative solutions that address their needs.

Moreover, all collected information will be published as an OpenData so that it can be used by all companies and institution that want to make the lives of Varna’s citizens better.

We believe that every city should be as accessible as possible to all inhabitants.

That’s the goal for Varna Limitless!

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