Mimirium Network

We build the biggest anonymous user data base for high quality market researches and statistics. We help the people to preserve their privacy and at the same time to be rewarded for their online activities.


TheBig DataProblem


Personal data usage is a problem for both end-users and companies in the light of GDPR and Cambridge Analytica


For theUsers

✓ No Data Ownership

✓ No Data Control

✓ Loss of Privacy

✓ Unpaid

✓ Trust Issues

For theCompanies

✓ Legal Regulations (GDPR)

✓ Security Breaches

✓ Data Accuracy

✓ Users Trust Issues

✓ High Cost


Decentralized Solution

Data Wallet

Mobile and web app where the users collect and keep their personal and behavioral data securely encrypted


Users participate in statistical and market research campaigns from private and government institutions


For their participation users earn money in the form of crypto-currency


The system guarantees full anonymity of the users and the privacy of their data

GDPR Compliance

We do not collect any personal information and only provide aggregated statistics thus being 100% compliant with data regulations


Our system allows precise user targeting and segmentation 

Fair Price

We provide fast and cost-effective services and we share most of our profit with our users


Our network is distributed so our clients do not need to pay for expensive server infrastructure or clouds



Our main goal is to bring the power to control his data back to the generator – The User. Mimirium software collects information, both personal and behavioral, from all user devices. The data is encrypted securely and the user solely is in possession of the decryption keys. The data is processed locally on the user device using machine learning algorithms but is never revealed to any 3rd party. Anonymized and encrypted data can be used with the consent of the user, in paid market research and other campaigns for which the user is rewarded with crypto-currency. 


The data the user shares does not include any personal identifiable information. Usually these are answers of questionnaires or anonymized commercial data collected on the user device. Nevertheless the data is first encrypted on the user device then passes through our aggregation layer where it is mixed with other users data until the final report goes to the companies that has ordered it. In this process no party in middle is ever able to see the user raw information and he preserve his privacy on 100% while he receives  also a payment.



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