Mimirium Private Set Intersection (PSI)

is a product we develop to solve the problem of finding the common customers of two or more organizations while keeping personal data secret

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The use-case presented in this paper is to find the common customers of two or more organizations without revealing any information to third parties. In the real world this could be used by insurance companies or financial institutions to determine risk and detect fraud, or by retailers for cross-selling offers. However, there are other applications of the technology, some already applied in practice. For example, some chat messengers use similar techniques to see if two users have common contacts in their contact lists. Another option is to perform secure database join based on the customer’s data available in both databases, thus extending one with the data from the other but only for the common rows.


Risk Management

Insirance, banks, fintech

Insurance companies and financial institutions can enrich their fraud detection mechanism and check their customers with partner companies without compromising the privacy


E-commerce, retail, online services

Retailers can check if their customers are also customers of their partners so they can offer personalized products to them

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