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Mimirium Surveys

Sophisticated way to create, publish and gather company data 100% anonymously. Increase workforce participation rate by retaining confidentiality and personal data integrity.

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Achieve higher employee satisfaction levels and improve your workforce retention

100% GDPR Compliant

Our advanced system allows you to target your audience 100% GDPR compliance.

Security and privacy

Our system’s top priority is keeping your data safe and secure. All of the information gathered is anonymized and aggregated.

Endless possibilities

Build sophisticated custom surveys in multiple languages, with a variety of question types and bespoke features.


Increase the response rate by incentivizing your employees for their participation by rewarding them.

Powerful business interface

Design, develop and map out your campaings

Sign up into the system. Within seconds the dashboard will present you the main types of surveys the system is offering. Depending on your aim choose from the options displayed and start creating your first survey. Once you have chosen the type of survey you would like to create, you can start typing in the questions. To design and develop a survey has never been easier. Create engaging and sophisticated questionnaires and get the data you require.

Entertaining and engaging user client

Reinvent the way you collect feedback

The swipe is fast becoming a universal gesture of refusal or acceptance. From a research perspective, it’s also an extremely efficient way to get people to consider and provide feedback on a large volume of content. And the responses can be enhanced through a combination of what the app already knows about the respondent and additional information captured via their mobile device. Mimirium Surveys developed with your employees in mind. Protect their privacy, collect feedback and reward them for it.

  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys
  • Mimirium Surveys

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